Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Random visuals @ 45 degrees Fahrenheit [fallen leaves]

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I find myself rebounding daily like a basketball shooter. And always it seems the person close to my shot knocks it away from the hoop,  Such is life. Nonetheless, I’ve got a reserve of energy, so I rebound…I make the points [sometimes].

We all need a reserve; we all need a source. There is no streak of success without adequate supplies of energy. Unfortunately; we are not gods.

I’m not Mercury. But I’m able to store up for a rainy day and/or for a shortage of energy or the ubiquitous threat of kryptonite.

I’m not a god, but I trust the Sovereign up in the heavens who supplies my every need. His name is Jehovah my Cereal Keeper; He has many appellations. [That is just one I enjoy]. 20181126_035426

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I’ve been “out of pocket” due to open heart surgery. I hope to begin blogging soon. Should be back in the saddle within the next month. Taking strange prescription drugs to keep going, etc. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

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FYI: Update

i’ve recovered from open heart surgery and am motivated to share more stuff via this blog…Thanks for your support; I’m glad you’re following this blog.


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Personal Note

I appreciate all of you; readers, etc. Thanks for your kindness, love and artistic genius.



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contact me on snapchat, if u like…

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