Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


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Cooper’s hawk- Explore your neighborhood

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Abilene Texas Cooper hawk

This immature Cooper’s hawk was seen in downtown Abilene, Texas last winter splashing in a puddle by the curb; however, they are usually more woodland birds. Some of Abilene’s older neighborhoods with larger trees would be a good place to look. Look (and listen) near bird feeders as these hawks are known to hunt them for feeding birds. While their call is fairly distinctive, you’ll more likely notice the cries of protest from the other birds in the area.

Like many other birds, the Cooper’s hawk looks drastically different when young as compared to adults. This can make identifying them rather tricky. This is especially true for this species, as they are very easily confused with a sharp-shinned hawk. While I highly recommend owning a field guide (or one of the many free apps ) don’t let identification intimidate you. Just get out and enjoy the nature in your…

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An Open Letter to Target: Regarding your New Restroom Policy

To Whom It May Concern: I am a woman. I am a frequent shopper in your stores. I am first and foremost a mother. Your recent change in policy of who you allow to use each restroom concerns me. You s…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony


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A Thing of Beauty


In a fallen world there will always be problems. When things go south, limited thinking and unhindered inaction breeds like a bacterial infection. We make lists of problems and all we want to is to be justified; for someone to hear our side of the story, someone to understand. The first problem on the list is sufficient to stall us indefinitely. Why bother coming up with problem 2, 3 and so on? Are we that trained to immediately come up with all the opposition against ourselves? So few of us rise to combat our fallen nature and our imperfect self.

Sometimes we look to our peers and leaders who should know and do better than us, and we are left disappointed for they themselves chicken out for fear of the repercussions of waging war.

Ugly exists in this world and I shouldn’t be contributing to it nor dwelling on its depressing and often unhelpful worldly lens…

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Weekly Photography Challenge: Boundaries


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